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Relationships – Dating – Breaking Up

Dating Part I – We have to Kiss a lot of frogs to meet our prince

Girlfriends, Midori Snyder and I share the same image of the creative and complex woman. She’s unique to herself, but willing to share those considerable gifts with a man capable of intuiting the wealth of her worth hidden beneath the skin.
If you are alone, you just have not found that intuitive man.
It’s not your fault, sooner or later you will!  They’re out there.
As women, we read the tales of how the princess kisses the frog and it turns in to a prince.
Girlfriends, we realize we have to kiss a lot of frogs, so don’t give up. Keep kissing.
Never forget, a woman makes her own magic.  It is the magic of her energy, excitement and the joy of life that radiates from her.
It is that irresistible allure that we, as women, have developed and perpetuated for millennia. That mystery has always helped us to level the social/sexual playing field, solidifying our place of power in society.
Now, no sitting alone!
Grab a girlfriend and go clubbing or get dressed in your sexy outfit, believe in yourself and go out solo.
There are guys who are also alone  and they won’t be sitting home. They’ll be out there looking for an opportunity to meet you.
Believe me, you won’t be alone for long.

Dating Part II – Meeting a guy

There are many books written on how to find a man, how to play the game; how to manipulate and to keep your emotional distance.
If you follow this dating strategy, hold back and play hard to get, it is a game, not an opportunity to connect and develop a relationship.
You may get very good at playing the game. You may even get very good at winning the game, but, in doing so, you may lose the chance to allow love to evolve.
As women, we read the tales of how the princess kisses the frog and it turns in to a prince.
Girlfriends, we realize we have to kiss a lot of frogs. Many of them don’t turn into princes, so how do we rid ourselves of the frogs without squishing them?
I share Oscar Wilde’s observation that between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.
So, when you break it off, don’t offer to be friends. Neither of you are looking for that.
I don’t recommend you do it in person, nor impersonal texting. A phone call is good middle ground.

Dating Part III – Solidify the Relationship – Women we have the control

When you Find the Right Guy.
When you find the right guy for you, you may marry or simply co-habitate for a time.
By this time, you don’t have to play games. It’s time to solidify and develop the relationship.
You’re in control of that aspect.
Although they refuse to admit it, we’ve been manipulating men for millennia.  Certainly, we have the skills to lead them into situations and actions that bring pleasure to him and, in return, get pleasure from him.
Girlfriends, this means no TV, no t-shirts, no boxer shorts, no long robes or fuzzy slippers.  Remember the little sexy outfit always works.
Some women come home and put on their sweats and take off their makeup.  Other women come home and take off their business suit and put on a sexy little, dress and dance in front of the fire and look lovingly into their man’s eyes.
You have the power to keep the relationship growing and going.

Dating Part IV – When the Romance Fades

If we fail to keep the romance fresh and alive, if we start demanding, nagging, arguing or complaining to him about little stuff, i.e., doing house repairs, sharing in house work, demanding something be done or complaining about him being away, he will stay at the office longer or travel more.  Count on it.
Remember that men will stay with the women in less than idyllic situations.
Men are fairly simple.  They are fine if they can come home, have dinner prepared and then retire to the den to get on the computer, watch sports or play videos without us.
A pretty gruesome picture.
Girlfriends, we need to be continually inventive and find things our man wants to do with us or to us!
If we don’t, he will slowly disappear as husband, lover, friend, father and adoring companion.