Dr. Wendy James Ph.D.

Since June 2013, Dr. Wendy James, Ph.D. has been on over 240 radio shows, including The Savage Nation, the Heritage Foundation Radio Network, Fox News Radio, twice on the Wall Street Journal as well as television with ABC, CBS, NBC and as a member of the “psych squad” on CNN.

She has written two books highlighted below and numerous articles on psychological issues.

Therapy with a psychologist provides guidance to deal with distressing life events and the overwhelming emotions accompanying them. Individuals sometimes are confronted with loneliness and stress, which can result in feelings of dislocation, decreasing social contacts and troubled, interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Wendy James is a proponent for early diagnosis and treatment of psychological issues. Coping with issues in their early stages may prevent the development or continuation of harmful behavior.

Unlike adults, who are more able to express and explore their feelings, children are at greater risk of developmental problems that may become harmfully expressed as they mature. A relatively simple psychological evaluation of a child may have a positive long-term impact upon a child's future happiness and secure place in our society.