business man and woman

Sex on Campus: She Can Play that Game, Too

I was taught not to talk to strangers, now we have girls having sex with strangers.
First let me give you the facts of a study I conducted with executive women in Fortune 100 and 500 companies in a variety of industries. The topic of my doctoral dissertation was “Perspectives of Executive Women: Life Choices and Balancing Career with Marriage and Children”.
The women, I interviewed were in their 40s – 60s because it takes a 8-10 years for any junior executive, male or female, to gain the experience to move up the corporate ladder to earn a top executive position.
These executive women did it all.  They were married and had their first child in their 20’s, the majority having 2 -3 children.  Most remained married to their first husband.  Their husbands helped them with the children, jointly addressing scheduling priorities while pursuing their individual careers.
The women handled career, marriage and children by employing prioritization, time management skills and being the best employee, the best mother and the best wife, they could be.
Relationships are important and we learn to experiment and learn to build them in college, while studying, learning and developing skill sets for our future careers.
In a male dominated society women have always been a mystery.
We like it that way.
It is that irresistible allure that we, as women, have developed and perpetuated for millennia. That mystery has always helped us to level the social/sexual playing field, solidifying our place of power in society.
What is the long-term benefit for women when they engage in unemotional sex?  Women are, by nature, nurturers, enjoy being pursued and who control how men treat them.
Virtue is important and is what we should be teaching our daughters.  To get respect you must earn respect, in relationships and at work with your male co-workers.
Our relationship with men is the means by which we enhance our esteem, our confidence by which, along with our intellect and skills, we achieve our success.
Women need not only sex but also love and romance.  We want to be the only woman in our man’s life.  We want a man that loves and adores us as we love and adore him.
We can have it all!