Management Team

Dr. Wendy James Life Consultants, Inc. Team

Dr. Wendy J. James

CEO/President, Life Consultants, Inc.


  • Psychologist, Teacher, Author, Media Personality and public speaker
  • Author of “The Gap, a Scholarly Work on Executive Women”
  • Author of “The Princess Chronicles: A Bedside Companion”
  • Dr. James has been interviewed on over 240 radio shows, including The Savage Nation, the Heritage Foundation Radio Network, Fox News Radio, twice on Wall Street Journal.  She has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and was a member of the “psych squad” on CNN.
  • Presenter at multi-state Psychological Association Annual Meetings and Baylor ICU unit.
  • Tele-mental health that complies with the requirements of Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA). This system allowed Health Healthcare Professionals to work with individuals and groups of up to 8 clients; in areas of depression, divorce, loneliness or dealing with stress.
  • It allows clients to access a psychologist at the time they are experiencing depression or anxiety in the privacy of their home at a moment’s notice without having to make an office appointment.  It also allows mental health professionals to provide service to on those who are in located in rural areas, to deal with day to-day issues without the inconvenience of travel.
  • I continue to write on current topics for submission to radio/TV stations and periodicals.
  • Currently, I am pursuing contact with MBA programs in Universities to conduct a longitudinal study of younger women in MBA programs to see if they parallel or diverge from the results of my book, “The Gap”.
  • I collaborate with clinical and forensic psychologists to provide mental health to inner city youths and veterans and other at risk individuals in our communities.

Garth F. James

COO, Life Consultants, Inc.

Mr. James has over 35 years of extensive experience in healthcare operations, marketing, and business development.

Garth F. James COO, Life Consultants, Inc.He has held positions in the public sector as Vice President of Operations with Medical Imaging Centers of America, Inc. and as National Director of Product Management for Republic Health Corporation, Inc. He also served in the not-for-profit arena as Corporate Vice President of Business Development for the Baylor University Healthcare System. Mr. James’s experience has given him a firm understanding of the complexity and volatility of the changing healthcare market.

Upon leaving the public sector in 1995, Mr. James incorporated MRI Central, Inc., a Dallas, Texas based developer and operator of freestanding, outpatient MRI facilities.

After founding seven, de novo, independent imaging centers under the MRI Central trade name, Mr. James formed MRI Management, Inc. to offer the capabilities and systems, developed by MRI Central, to other imaging centers and physicians for whom it would be far more cost effective to outsource certain aspects of their operations.

Under his leadership and with an initial capital investment of $1.8M, MRI Central generated over $45M in total revenues with an 18% operating margin from 2003-2006. In 2006, Mr. James made a strategic decision to sell a majority of its imaging center holdings, returning millions of dollars to investors.

In 2006, Mr. James reinvested approximately $1M of his own capital to transition MRI Management into Metiscan Technologies, Inc., a national Application Service Provider (ASP) which provided solutions to streamline the management and operations support of diagnostic imaging facilities, radiology groups, in-office imaging departments and small hospitals.

The 16 clients that availed themselves of Metiscan’s solutions generated $1.1 million a year in revenues. The client’s savings were considerably more.

Mr. James sold Metiscan Technologies in 2010.

Mr. James came out of retirement in January 2016 to accept the position as Chief Operating Officer for the US subsidiary of Impeto Medical, a multi-national equipment manufacturer and resigned and reentered retirement in September 2016.

Mr. James was on the faculty of the American Society for Neuroimaging and has been published in numerous industry periodicals.

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