attractive couple

Men with attractive wives report higher levels of marital satisfaction, new study finds

This study comes as no surprise.

It confirms the evolutionary theory of sex gender based on the survival of all species in the reproductive system.  The concept of sexual selection is that all species, humans included, will reproduce to continue their species.

Ancient man, in order to have his choice of available females needed to have superior hunting skills.  Women of that same era looked for a man who would allow her the resources to carry her child to term and support the child to maturity.

Therefore, the concept of attractive wives is part of the evolutionary theory into our current generation.  Today, men still seek the attractive female.   Vying for and winning the hand of an attractive wife translates into a happier marriage.

This is further supported by the social role theory that relates to the division of labor between men and women.  Our need for basic survival, as a family unit, has changed.  Modern women can get jobs and support themselves and their young without a man.

Today’s women can have it all.  They can have a career, marriage and/or children.

Yet, women still want a man who can provide and protect them.  Women continue to want to attract a male provider, even when she can provide for herself.

Today, we have added psychological variables to the basic survival instincts of procreation.

Women continue to compete for the attention of men.  It is still a prime driver for women to find a suitable mate, conceive and have children.

Just remember attraction is in the eye of the beholder.