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Anger Management and Charlie Sheen, Celebs

Dr. Wendy – Topic: Anger Management and Charlie Sheen, Celebs
First as a Psychologist in my opinion, this is a Shameless promotion of his 2nd year of his TV show “therapist for Anger Management. 
Does Charlie Sheen have anger management issues; yes he is running right up there with Alec Baldwin.
Prevention of Bullying in Schools
Research by APA and a psychologist expert in bullying indicates
1.     There is no profile of who will be a bully. Sometimes they are regular students.
2.     It has become more prevalent over the years, as suicide has occurred in those who are     bullied. With the text messages, Facebook and cyper-technology bullying is a bigger problem.
3.     Bully can lead to depression and is a mental health issue.
4.     Parents and teachers MUST take action and interven.e
5.     We don’t know if there is a direct link of depression and being bullied.
There is no  psychological longitudinal study currently which indicates if you bully as a child you will bully as an adult.
First bullying in schools is unacceptable and as a former high school teacher for 4 years should not be allowed and teachers, counselors and all faculty at the school need to respond.
The  incident with his 9 year old daughter of the “supposed bullying” of others girlfriends which he cited one of the girls names was handled by the school (Viewpoint school) and the LA police. .  The mother Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen removed their daughter from the school approximately a year ago.
 Security and safety of the school and those students and faculty of the school
This is clearly a security and safety issue with the threat of Charlie Sheen with his fans to send dog feces, rotten eggs to the school.  As a psychologist, in my opinion the approximate to “acting” instead of “acting out”