Oscar Pistorius

Mr. Pistorius “suicide risk

His feeling of “guilt” stems from his knowledge that he killed his girlfriend.  It is not an admission of murder.
Guilt can cause a tremendous amount of stress.  Guilt can override your ability to function day after day and can consume all thoughts and feelings. It can lead to depression and most suicides are preceded by deep depression.
Add to the stress of guilt is the added stress of standing trial where his life hangs in the balance.  Can anyone consider a more stressful circumstance than this?  I think not. Whether guilty or innocent, he knows he has lost everything he has worked so hard to achieve; his loss of reputation as a well-known athlete and a symbol for handicapped people around the world.
OK, if this is not enough, the feeling of dislocation; the breaking of his normal life routine, not being in his own environment and forced out of his comfort zone of home and the restriction of his personal freedom.
This, combined with the previous stressors I have mentioned, is a recipe for deep depression and potential risk of suicide.
So the question is he a potential candidate for “suicide”? I believe the answer is yes.
In my opinion, mental health professionals may be able to help him address his current situation and give him some tools for coping with the circumstances he now faces. Therefore, certainly he should be seeing a psychologist and monitored to intervene in any potential suicide attempt.