Winter blues and alone, now it is time to get out and socialize

Winter blues and alone, now it is time to get out and socialize

OK, winter will soon be over and the sun will be shining. We need to plan for getting out of the house and no more excuses of strayed in the weather.

Single girlfriends, I am talking about you. A 2012 studies of Singles in America reveals that approximately 1/3 of the population are single.

As women we are creative and complex willing to share are considerable gifts with a man capable of intuiting the wealth of her worth beneath the skin.

If you are alone you just have not found that intuitive man.

I have been there.  It is not your fault, sooner or later you will.

Psychology can provide you guidance to deal with distressing life events and the overwhelming emotions accompanying them.  Get out because a common thread of depression is the incident of loneliness and negative thoughts.  Interestingly if you have experienced loneliness for two or more years it may be an indication of at least mild depression.

Individuals with loneliness issues can result in feelings of decreasing social contacts and troubled interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, quality relationships with friends are better than quantity relationships with strangers. For happiness you may have to shift your concentration from personal pleasure and fulfillment.  There is nothing wrong with putting emotional relationships on the back burner for a period of time.

Never forget a woman makes her own magic. It is the magic of her energy, excitement and the joy of life that radiates from her.

It mystery has always helped us to level the social/sexual playing field, solidifying our place of power in society,

You could stay home and wear your robe an fuzzy slippers. Instead, grab a friend or get dressed up in your sexy outfit, have confidence in yourself.

There are guys who are also single and along and they will be out there looking for an opportunity to meet you. Believe me you won’t be alone for long!